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“I wanted you to know the time your therapist spend giving me instruction and experience was so special. Her exercises were tolerable and enjoyable. I will continue to do them on my own. I will also speak more highly of your benefits in the future.”


Lucille D.

“I would like to give a sincere thank you to the staff for helping with my home health program. Thank the nurses and especially therapist so much. I am using two feet again!”

Gloria B.

“I had recent unfortunate major abdominal surgery. In my recovery I was fortunate enough to have Pinnacle services. I cannot tell you what great care and attention and support I received from my wound care nurse and physical therapist. They played a major role in my speedy recovery.”

Ray C.

"This is just a note from a client to say what a very good experience I had due to my excellent nurse. Having been in the home health industry for 15 years I can determine quality service and genuine concern when I see it. I obtained the best care I could have hoped for. Thanks!”

Jean B.


Your home is much more than just a structure. It’s a sacred place full of fond memories. Memories and emotions that you have weaved into every nook and cranny to transform a building into a home. At Pinnacle Home Health we believe this is the perfect place to begin your path to recovery.

We are much more than just a simple caregiver service. Pinnacle Home Health can perform a wide array of traditional health services that can be administered at home as requested by your physician. In addition to providing home health medical services, our experienced nurses act as clinical liaisons on your behalf to ensure all parties remain informed of all pertinent medical information and treatment plans.

We understand that the introduction of home health services can be a difficult time for patients and caregivers. There’s a lot of information to absorb and some of the terms and procedures may seem foreign. To help provide the quality of care necessary at all levels our highly trained nurses and physical therapists help educate individuals on the proper forms of care, treatment and nutrition to help get you back to the independence you crave.


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