Private Duty

Sometimes the presence of a healing hand doesn't come in the form of medical assistance but in that of a devoted companion. Our patients become part of our families. We know their names, needs, wants and situation. With this invaluable information, our caring certified nursing assistants (CNA) can help develop a well thought out plan to enable our patients reach their recovery goal and ultimately regain their independence.

To help maintain an exceptional quality of care our CNAs are thoroughly trained and screened to provide you with the caregiver that can meet all of your needs. In addition to providing companionship, our qualified nurses can assist with a multitude of daily living activities that include bathing, eating, light housekeeping, cooking, grocery shopping and more. To learn more about these services and to see if personal care is right for you or your loved one we encourage you visit our Pinnacle Personal Care website or give us a call at (225) 215-2273.